Creative Play


Talking to teachers it became clear that some outdoor provision, particularly in FS and Early Years, lead to focused but isolated and insular play. Teachers were looking for something that would encourage children to cooperate and communicate with each other.

Outdoor spaces contain provision that encourage children to play socially. Channelling and pipes are left deliberately long, so one child can't fit them onto the structure themselves, they need a friend to help. holes and openings within the structures encourage communication and role play.

Bark chip is a great material for digging carrying and loading, as its not too messy. spaces developed for schools include kitchens and quarries.

The structures are made from rot resistant timber and recycled plastic, making them tough and durable. Some component parts are moveable, so children can adjust and shift them, allowing them to vary the provision and take ownership of the structures 

Each of these structures was designed to the requirements of each school. 

a robust bark kitchen, much less messy than a mud kitchen. Bark chips can be used in role play and maths based capacity activities in pots and pans


These gutters were part of a foundation stagearea. Water and toys can be sent down the channeling, and the brackets can be relocated each session by the pupils.

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